Top Incentives for your School Fundraiser


When planning your Get Active Fundraiser it is important to consider the incentives you would like to offer. We have listed the top incentives by age level to help you get started. Be creative!

Elementary School

  • Classroom supplies: erasers, pencils, pens, etc.
  • Recognition on the morning announcements or classroom board
  • Wear a hat to school
  • First in line for lunch/recess/end of school
  • Keep a stuffed animal or toy at their desk for the day
  • Bubbles
  • Extra recess
  • Free ice cream at lunch
  • Teacher’s helper for a day
  • Activity leader
  • One hour free reading time

Middle School

  • Free entrance to school dance/football/basketball game
  • Extra computer time
  • Special pass to leave school early on a Friday
  • Free homework pass
  • Free dress day (schools with uniforms)
  • Choose from a list of privileges: extra computer time, sitting with a friend at lunch, wearing pajamas to school
  • Limo ride to a restaurant for lunch and then back to school
  • Out to lunch with the principal
  • Catered lunch

Any age

  • Popsicle/pizza/donut/cupcake party
  • Gift cards to Target or another local big box store/sporting goods store
  • Gift cards to local burger joint, ice cream parlor or another restaurant
  • GAF sunglasses
  • T-shirt
  • Water Bottle, hat, bandana – with school logo or fundraising theme
  • Free entry into the FUNdrun
  • Raffle ticket for drawing of tickets for the zoo, indoor trampoline park
  • Free pass to play miniature golf/bowling
  • Movie pass
  • Gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, Target)
  • Gift certificate to school store or book fair
  • Free choice time – choose what they would like to do at the end of the day
  • Watch a movie during school
  • Daily drawings for small (pencils, candy, erasers, art supplies) and big items (Ipad)
  • Frisbee, ball, hula hoop, or another related PE item

School Wide

  • Eat lunch in the classroom or outside
  • Listen to music during lunch
  • Pizza/ice cream party
  • Dance party
  • Laser tag
  • Backward/crazy clothes/superhero day
  • Adopt an animal at the local zoo or rescue center


  • Pie in the face
  • Shave his head
  • Dance with the school mascot
  • Dunking the principal/teacher/coach
  • “Silly string” at a school assembly
  • “Goes to” jail
  • Student for the day
  • Kisses a pig
  • Spends the day on the roof
  • Duck tape to the wall
  • Dresses up as clown/superhero
  • Sings a chosen song off key
  • Faculty talent show