Promoting your Get Active Fundraising Event


You have planned your Get Active Fundraiser. You have selected a date and location and assembled a team to help you. What’s next? Promoting, promoting, promoting.

We can’t say it enough, promoting will attract more participants to your event!

Here are a few options to help jump start your promotion.


Send a mass email or recorded message with date reminders to your school/organization members.

Local Running Store

Distribute Get Active Registration forms to your local running/sporting goods store.

Ask if they will add your event to their list of events on their website.

Social Media

  • Post event details on the organization/school’s web page
  • Create a Facebook page and a Facebook event
  • Create an Instagram page
  • Post pre and post-race activities and reminders to the web page, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Post photos of past events to generate excitement


Hang advertising flyers at your local businesses. Don’t forget to ask your event sponsors to post the flyers as well!

School/Organization Marquee and Newsletter

Add your event to your school/organization’s marquee and newsletter.

Lawn Signs

Place lawn signs around the community and school car drop off/pick up lane. We have a lawn sign template that can be provided to you that you can take to your local office supply store.

Local Newspaper

Contact your local paper to see if it will donate or write a story.


Offer students/organization members incentives (entry into a raffle) if they sign up before the deadline date.

Local celebrity and town/organization official

If you or a team member has a connection to a celebrity or official, invite them as a VIP.