Online Registration Boosts Funds

Online Registration provides SO MANY benefits. Because of these benefits, the majority of our customers use both paper and online resources to allow participants to sign up for their event.

Here are ten reasons why you should consider using an online registration site:

1. A custom URL make it’s easy to share and promote your event to EVERYONE.

2. More people are paying by credit card, and now you’re able to accept those payments hassle-free. The page offers a “manual input” section that allows you to add all of your paper registrants’ information. So all of your registration information is organized together in one spot which makes gathering total for ordering a breeze!

3. Local or not, those looking to donate can do so right on your page! Online registration sites allow for you to accept donations and sell items on top of taking registrations.

4. Correct and up to date information is KEY when hosting an outdoor event. Quickly inform participants of any updates or changes to your event with an online registration site. You can even go a step further and add an FAQ section, or they can send questions directly to your email with the click of a button.

5. Each attendee receives an email confirmation when they register. Even paper registrants you’ve added will receive the confirmation so long as they provided their email address.

6. Special Access Codes and Discounts can be set up in seconds!

7. Your participants cover all credit card processing and service fees, so you don’t lose out on any funds!

8. Multi-user access provides the ability for both you and GAF to view, edit, and manage the page.

9. Offer more! You can easily sell extra color splash packets as an add-on item before your participant checks out.

10. Export your entire list of participants (including shirt sizes, additional color packets purchased, etc.) to an organized Excel spreadsheet so you can use it as a check-in list on the day of your event.

BONUS! Get Active Fundraising is going to help set up the entire page for you.