Motivating Students to Take Action


If you’re going to have any success with a fundraiser motivating students should be one of your primary objectives. Here’s a list of 4 ways you can get your student body involved.

1. Lead by example: Are you signed up for your event? Show your students how much fun it is to be able to host their own Get Active Fundraising event at your school. Have as many willing, high energy teachers sign up (you can even offer them a special discount!). The more this event is talked about in the classroom and around campus, the more likely the event will draw a larger crowd.

2. Praise: What do your students enjoy? Are there any special privileges they could receive for raising a minimum fundraising goal? Offering rewards in any shape or form can help drive the results you want. Sometimes a little praise and recognition are enough. If you’re looking for an idea though, some colorful sunglasses are a hit and pleases everybody!

3. Set expectations, have a defined goal, and track progress: When you set a goal, more often than not you tend to reach it. Come up with a fundraising goal with your FUNdrunner and post up to date fundraising stats around campus and online. With 24/7 access to your Online Pledge System and Events page, you’ll know exactly how many people are signed up, how much you’ve received in donations, and just exactly how your fundraiser is coming along. Share those special results with your audience!

4. Use technology: Connections to students’ lives can help build a strong relationship. Offer easy ways for them to sign up, like online registrations. Sign up for Instagram and Facebook and make frequent posts about what’s going on. If the students are too young to be online, find a way to reach the parents. More than likely there’s an email list you can get your hands on to announce this special event!