Your Next Steps

Pick a Date

Choose a date that works for your organization and your location. Check your organization, event location and community calendars for conflicting events. More participants equal more funds for you! Allow for 8 weeks to promote your event. Our experience has shown this time frame results in the more successful events.

Pick a Theme

What to do?! We offer 3 great themes (and will offer more soon!) that work for any organization. Color Splash is our most popular and colorful event. It works for all ages and organizations. Can’t do a color event? No worries. Our FUNdrun is a clean alternative and less expensive. Love the 70s? Go back to the disco and bell bottom era with our 70s Run.

Complete Checklist

Completing and returning our simple checklist starts your event process. Just tell us your date, location, theme and confirm your organization has approved your event. Email or fax this document to us. Now, let us do some work for you!

Our Next Steps

Customize Forms

We create all the following customized forms and deliver these to you electronically.

  • Event Flyer

  • Address Form

  • Sample Press Release

  • Registration Form

  • Online Pledge System Admin Guide

  • Pledge Form

  • Business Sponsor Form

Set Up Online Pledge System

This user-friendly system has been proven to raise more money than traditional mailed requests. We set up the system for you and will provide you with a link to your unique event site. It is so easy to use you will never go back to direct mail again.

Set Up Event Ticket System

We set up a customized Event Ticket System for you at no additional cost! Your participants use the system to register for your event, and they can make online donations. All processing fees are covered by the participants, so ALL funds brought in will be sent directly to you after your event.

Average Event Numbers

Dependent on organization size and effort


Donations raised per family


Race Revenue per ticket


Other Revenue

Okay! Let's Get Active!


Announce your event to everyone by holding a kickoff event. This helps everyone get excited and on board with the event process. Having a Color Splash? We will ship you a few color packet samples so you can demonstrate. The kickoff is the perfect opportunity to distribute registration forms and online pledge system instructions.Time constrained? Ask about our full-service offer.

Conduct Pledge Drive

Your online pledge drive is the key to your entire fundraising effort. This system is so easy to use and enables you to easily keep track of your entire fundraising effort in real time. With a minimum goal of 10 pledge requests per family and an average $10 donation that is already $100 per family!

Promote Run

Promote! Promote! Promote! Use your customized forms to get the word out about your event. Use social media, emails, lawn signs, newsletters, your local running store/group. Your GAF Program Guide will have many ideas to help you promote your event to attract participants and sponsors and help increase the funds you raise.