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Online Registration Boosts Funds

Online Registration provides SO MANY benefits. Because of these benefits, the majority of our customers use both paper and online resources to allow participants to sign up for their event.

Here are ten reasons why you should consider using an online registration site:

1. A custom URL make it’s easy to share and promote your event to EVERYONE.

2. More people are paying by credit card, and now you’re able to accept those payments hassle-free.… Read More

Why is my Fundraiser failing?

It’s three weeks before your event, and you log on your registration website to see how many participants have signed up. You scroll down and see that you only have 14 people signed up online and another 12 paper registrations collected. With only 26 participants signed up, you are a far cry away from the 50-participant minimum for your event. You start to panic and wonder how this could be – with only three weeks until your event and one week until you need to order your supplies.… Read More

Raise More Funds with Our Online Pledge System

Get Active Fundraising provides a user-friendly online fundraising platform that makes it fun and effortless to ask for donations. It will significantly increase the overall funds raised during your Get Active Fundraising event. Each family of your school or group to will follow simple instructions to create a custom donation page and a personalized message. Friends and family receive the customized message by text or email and then simply click on a secure link to make an online donation.… Read More

What is the Color Splash color made of anyway?

GAF offers two color components for our Color Splash event. Knowing that we have participants of all ages, we wanted to make sure our color splash stations were suitable for everyone. That means instead of the traditional powder stations, which leave little to no color on the shirts, we use liquid spray stations, which is a combination of water and 100% FD&C and/or D&C grade food dyes.… Read More

Active Fundraisers Gaining Momentum

Out with the old and in with the new. Long gone are the days of selling chocolate bars and gift wrap to your neighbors. A new era is upon us, and it’s looking like a bright and healthy future for everyone. Active fundraisers like runs and walk-a-thons are popping up all across the nation, and there’s no surprise as to why.… Read More

My School Color Run is now Get Active FUNdraising

Over the past four years, My School Color Run has helped 1,500 organizations raise over $3.5 million in funds, and more than 300,000 participants have enjoyed our popular Color Splash FUNdrun. We saw an opportunity in the market to expand our services to include more themes and offer an online pledge system to help organizations efficiently exceed their fundraising goals. Steve Vadas, Sales Manager, states, “we are still the same great company, offering the same great service but just a new name to accurately reflect who we are.”

Get Active FUNdraising events are not just for schools and kids.… Read More