Decorating Tips for Your Event


You want your FUNdrun to be successful and exciting. So, don’t forget to plan for event decorations. Here are a few possible options for your event.

Balloon Arch – Mark your Start and Finish lines with a balloon arch. For a Color Splash FUNdrun, use white balloons at the start and colored balloons at the finish.

Balloons Along the Race Route – Use golf tees to stake balloons along your event route or indicate turns.

Poster Contest – What better way to get your participants involved in decorating than to have a poster contest. Place the posters along your route or in your festival area. Announce the winner after the FUNdrun.

Cupcakes – Offering treats after your event or perhaps a sponsor donated some cupcakes? See if the cupcakes can be a variety of icing colors so you can creatively display those delicious treats!

Water Bottles – Use colorful and creative duct tape to decorate water bottles. Choose tape that ties to your theme or school/club/organization colors.

Erasable Chalk – Use colorful chalk on sidewalks and asphalt to get your participants in the spirit with motivational sayings.

Temporary Tattoos/Face Painting – Don’t forget to decorate your participants. If you are not having a Color Splash FUNdrun, providing temporary tattoos with your school/club/organization logo or colors will get everyone in the spirit.

Photo Area – Use colorful plastic tablecloths as a backdrop for a photo area. For a Color Splash FUNdrun, think rainbow with your colors! Or design your own frame for photos using cardboard.

Games – For after your event in your festival area, spray twister on the field or use paper plates and balloons for balloon ping pong.

Music – Get your participants involved in the planning of your event. Have them vote on a “start” or “finish” song. Think “Eye of the Tiger” or “Happy” and make the options age appropriate.