We are closing our doors and we recommend MyFunRun.com for your fundraising needs.
Mention GetActive and receive $100 off your set up fee for any 2020 event.

After six years of helping schools raise money, GetActive Fundraising is closing its doors.  During our time in business we’ve helped over 2,000 schools in almost every state in the country.  It’s been our pleasure to serve all of our customers throughout the years.

We don’t want to leave you hanging.  To assist our existing customers and other groups that are looking for fundraising services, GetActive Fundraising is pleased to announce that MyFunRun has agreed to accept referrals starting immediately.  MyFunRun has been in business for 17 years conducting successful fundraising campaigns for their clients.  Similar to GetActive, they provide you with a custom fun run website, personal fundraising pages for students and all the digital materials needed for the fundraiser.  We highly recommend MyFunRun and encourage you to visit their website and read their client reviews and on their Facebook page.

MyFunRun is a division of MyEvent.com, a website development company and payment facilitator that has been online since 2002.

MyFunRun is offering a special offer just for GetActive clients that sign up with them in Spring or Fall of 2020.

Here are some facts about MyFunRun and their program:
  • No up front fees, and no money out of pocket.
  • MyFunRun creates a customized fundraising website for your PTO/School with your logo and branding.
  • MyFunRun creates a Personal fundraising page for each participant.
  • All the participants are pre-registered by MyFunRun so there is no sign up for the parents or participants.
  • In addition to each participant having their own pre-registered personal fundraising page, MyFunRun also offers free or paid registration or a combination of the 2.
  • MyFunRun only charges a percentage of what is raised online, so you keep 100% of what is raised offline. On average most schools keep more than 90% of what is raised in total.
  • 5 star ratings on Facebook with tons of amazing reviews about their outstanding customer service. Read their client reviews and on their Facebook page.
  • You can sell corporate sponsorship packages on your fun run website.
  • You can sell tickets for anything including raffles.
  • Website and personal fundraising pages include Goals (set goals for students, classes or grades).
  • Website has optional Leaderboard (displays who raised the most by student, class or grade).
  • Website has optional Donor map (displays locations of donors globally).
  • You can access the admin dashboard to view progress and reports in real time.
  • You can run your own rewards program using specialized reports.
  • MyFunRun creates digital materials for your run to keep costs as low as possible.
  • MyFunRun can help you purchase color powder or t shirts at the lowest prices.
  • Sign up now with MyFunRun for the spring or Fall 2020 and receive $100 off the setup fee (Normally $395 and comes out of the fundraising, not up front).

Please call 1-877-769-3836 ext.230 to learn more or visit them online at MyFunRun.com

– The GetActive Team