What is FUNdraising?

The Get Active Fundraising™ is a proven FUNdraising© system endorsed by schools around the country…

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After registering with our program, you will be assigned a dedicated Get Active Fundraising™ “FUNdraising© coordinator”…

New! Plug-n-play

Raise extra money for your event with our customizable pledge platform. Plug our platform into your existing event. You manage the event, GAF will turbo charge your revenue!

Meet Our GAF FUNdrunners,© The Secret to Your Success!

When you sign up with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated FUNdrunner© who will work with you every
step of the way to produce the perfect fundraiser, leveraging the knowledge we’ve gained from helping hundreds of schools and other organizations in all fifty states.

Whether your vision is a blockbuster event or a small community affair, this is your event. You are free to charge any amount for registration fees and run your sponsorships and promote your event as you see fit, and we are here to help.




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