Donations Made Simple

Our user-friendly online fundraising platform makes it fun and effortless to ask for donations. It will significantly increase the overall funds raised during your GAF program.

Each family will follow simple instructions to create a custom donation page and a personalized message. Friends and family receive the customized message by text or email and then simply click on a secure link to make an online donation.

Our FUNdRunners© will help set up the system for you and make it very easy to boost your fundraising efforts to the next level!

Why Use the Get Active Fundraising Pledge System?

Donation Tracking

The system tracks online donations in real time eliminating the need to enter pledges manually. Pledges received offline can be put into the system allowing you to keep track of your total fundraising efforts.

Personalized Pledge Requests

Participants upload a photo and send a personalized pledge request via email and/or text message to family and friends. Use the convenient import feature to select contacts from your existing email account or enter them manually.

Donation Reminders

If they haven’t donated, an automated donation reminder is sent to your family and friends.

Social Media

Extend your pledge request audience by using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to reach additional family and friends, especially for those who you don’t have their email or phone number or who are outside the community and unable to attend the event.

Customized Goals

The school or group sets the initial goal for the student. Goals can increase as donations are made encouraging the student to strive for higher levels and prizes. Parents can also adjust the goal settings.

System Features

Each family has one fundraising page. The system will send one combined donation request to avoid duplication and split the donation between each family participant.

Fund Tracking Dashboards

Families can view the results of their fundraising efforts via a dashboard on their page. School administrators also have a dashboard showing essential fundraising metrics.

Email Notifications

After a donation is received, the donor receives a personalized thank you email from the student with a tax receipt and the family gets notification of the donation. Families also receive an email notification if a pledge request was unable to be delivered.


The system provides easy-to-use reports for measuring results, determining prizes and tracking deposits.